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Download Naruto Shippuden Dubbed by Sony Yay Hindi Complete All Episodes WEB-DL HD In 480p & 720p & 1080p. It is a Sony Yay Series telecasted by Sony Yay TV Channel based on Animation, Action, Adventure, Fantasy & Thriller. This Season has 17 episodes. This Series is now available in Hindi Dubbed.

Genre: Animation | Action | Adventure
Network: Sony Yay! India
Org. run: TV Series (2007–17)
Running time: 23min
Language: Hindi
Episodes: 17

Synopsis: This arc, also called the Akatsuki Suppression Mission, has Naruto continuing his training with Kakashi — including Yamato this time — and focusing on doubling his experience with the use of Shadow Clones. Hidan and Kakuzu, two new Akatsuki members in the Naruto series, begin to wreak havoc by capturing multiple Jinchuriki.

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